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  • Jude Uwenor says:

    Hello there.

    I am a master perfumer, I just got back to Lagos Nigeria and I want to start up my perfume house here in Lagos.
    Was going through the internet for a great supplier of EOs.
    Can I trust that you indeed have pure oils?

    Also, your patchouli oil, is it the Dark or Light or even the Absolute?

    Kindly note that I’m buying for perfumery.


    Dr. Jude Uwenor

    • agboola moyosore says:

      Hello Jude , great to hear from you … yes we do have pure essential oils , and we also supply essential oils to perfumers here in Nigeria… we do not stock absolute for patchouli , we stock the steam distilled essential oil… you can check us out on Instagram … @niksessentialoils we have a video of our patchouli essential oil , if that works for you , you can start with getting samples first … and then you can decide to move forward …

      Hope to hear from you soon
      Best regards,

      Moyo for niks essential oils

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