Essential Oil Blends (Roll-Ons)

It has been an immensely satisfying and rewarding experience, Creating our first set of expertly researched & formulated essential oil blends ….each essential oil blend has been formulated for healing benefits based on the designated properties of each essential oil chosen for the different blends ….⠀

Each blend has been formulated to keep you in tune with nature….with our very clear & detailed understanding of the components of essential oils, we have been able to create blends suitable for specific conditions…⠀

Our essential oil synergy blends consist of ;⠀

•Anti aging synergy blend (forever young)⠀
•Anti wrinkle synergy blend (Rejuvenate)⠀
•Anti acne synergy blend (without blemish)⠀
•Head ache relief synergy blend (Ease)⠀
•Stress relief synergy blend (Relax)⠀
•Anti scar synergy blend (Renew)⠀
•Sleep support blend (Snooze)⠀
•Varicose vein support blend (Heal)⠀
•Arthritis support blend (Soothe)⠀
•Stretch mark synergy blend (Vanish)⠀

All our essential oil blends are formulated with pure & natural essential oils , and are 100% effective…⠀

We have created an army formulated with healing soldiers waiting to go to war for you at any moment …⠀⠀
So we say , ‘ROLL ON GENERAL’⠀⠀
⠀⠀ Each blend Comes in a 10ml convenient extra UV protected glass bottle with stainless steel roll on applicator⠀
(Affordable & easy to move around)

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